Doncaster Place Plan

27 July 2023

Each of our Place Integrated Health and Care Partnerships have put together a local Plan that explains what they will be prioritising to achieve the vision and ambitions set out in the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Strategy and NHS Joint Forward Plan for South Yorkshire and what matters to their communities. Each of the plans will address they key issues which our communities told us matter most. These were:

  • Accessibility: Being able to access care services in a timely and convenient way was the most commonly mentioned concern because it affects the quality of a patient’s experience. This was felt particularly strongly in terms of demand for accessing GP services. Removing barriers to accessing information, support and services were mentioned by all.
  • Affordability: The costs of transport, parking, medication, treatments, as well as being able to live more healthily, were also mentioned universally. The cost of living challenge provides the context to these responses.
  • Agency: Many people want to be in control of their own care and want better access to the information, tools and capacity to manage this.

Doncaster 1 Plan 2023/24

Across South Yorkshire we want everyone to live happy and healthier lives for longer. Doncaster Health and Social Care partners have been working collaboratively for many years to transform the way it cares for and achieves a positive change for Doncaster residents.  The Doncaster 1 Plan builds on the previous Doncaster Place Plan setting out our priorities and ambitions for 2023/24.  The plan has been developed by the partnership and brings together a number of previously separate plans into one place. The purpose of the 1 Doncaster Plan is to:

  • Draw together the key themes from the work that we are doing in order to understand what is important locally
  • Re-look at our priorities – for new ways of working across Doncaster health and care and for the services that we commission and deliver
  • Capture how we want to work across place going forwards, building on the foundations set out in the Place Plan, the Commissioning Strategy and considering the development of the South Yorkshire ICP

Through development of the 1 Plan that we enable people to:

  • Have a clear understanding of the key health and care issues in Doncaster
  • Thread health inequalities through every work stream, focusing our collective efforts on our most challenged core20 and inclusion health communities
  • Understand what our health and care priorities are at a Place level, and how this relates to South Yorkshire too
  • Understand what we are doing in Doncaster to make a difference to what is important to our communities

The Doncaster 1 Plan was approved at the Doncaster Delivery Group on 16 June 2023 and was presented at the Place Committee on 23 June 2023.   

Read the full plan here.

Click here to visit the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board Website for further information. 

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